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Favela Tour

What do you expect from a Favela Tour of Rio de Janeiro?

RIOMAGIC thinks that if you are interested to get to know a Favela in Rio de Janeiro you should join a Favela Tour with RIOMAGIC!

But with one big difference! We don´t call this a Favela Tour because we don´t like the expression Favela Tour! The Favelas of Rio de Janeiro are one of the most interesting examples for self organised urban development and the people that live there having a hard time organising everything like water, electricity and so on by them their one.

So we don´t like the idea of doing a Favela Tour of Rio de Janeiro showing and talking about violence, drugs and disadvantaged people!

RIOMAGIC wants you to join an Urban Theater Tour of these informal urban quarters that will show you the heart of these districts!

If you are interested to get to know about that klick here for the Urban Theater Tour!


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