RIOMAGIC | Architecture Rio de Janeiro 

Architecture Rio de Janeiro 

Rio de Janeiro offers one of the most interesting Architecture of the World!
The famous Architect Oscar Niemeyer Niemeyer spread all over the City of Rio de Janeiro some of his Architecture works.

Most of them are not very famous and also not very easy to find, but RIOMAGIC introduces as often as possible the Architectural Heritage of Oscar Niemeyer and all the other brilliant Architects of Rio de Janeiro to create a mystical setting for the Urban Theatre Tours.

Beside the Architecture of Buildings RIOMAGIC is considering famous Landscape Architecture of Rio de Janeiro while designing the Urban Theater Tours.

The Landscape Architecture of Burle Marx in Rio de Janeiro is the perfect space to enjoy an Urban Theater.

To keep it short: RIOMAGIC is the perfect combination of Architecture and Theater in Rio de Janeiro!

Joining a Urban Theater Tour of RIOMAGIC  will not give you information about when Oscar Niemeyer and Burle Marx did design their work or what is the reason that it looks like it looks, but the tour will show you the presence, the atmosphere, the possibilities how to interact with the building and the space by using the language of an Urban Theater.

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